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* Maturity

moderately early to moderately late, long to very long dormancy

*  Tubers

very large , round - oval , uniform to moderately deep eyes, fairly susceptible to internal bruising

*  Yield

High, uniform in grading

* Dry matter

high to good

* Consumer quality

fairly firm to floury in cooking,slight discolouration of after cooking blackening,suitable for crisps

* Foliage

fairly good

* Diseases

fairly susceptible to leaf blight, good resistance to tuber blight, fairly good resistance to leaf roll,

very good resistance to virus A, fairly good resistance to virus Y, moderately to common scab.

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* Maturity

moderately early ; medium long dormancy.

* tubes

large, round very uniform in shape, red skin , moderately

deep eyes ; fairly susceptible to internal bruising.

* yield

high ; very uniform in grading.

* Dry matter

very high.

* Consumer quality

floury in cooking ; little to slight discolouration of aftercooking blackening ; suitable crisps

* Foliage

goood to fairly good.

* Diseases

very susceptible to leaf blight , fairly susceptible to tuber blight moderately resistant to lwaf roll ;

resistant to virus A , resistant to virus X, fairly good resistance to virus Y ; resistant to Ro1 of the

potato cyst nematode ; moderately resistant to common scab.

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