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Few about Lehaa

Trust in our experience

LEHAA for Trading and Agriculture Investment was established in 1998 as a result of Saudi investment in the Egyptian agriculture sectorto import & export from Egypt fresh crops. Lehaa specializes in producing Fresh potatoes, Mangoes, and Dates as a main crop and exports to many countries including Russia, Malaysia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait.

Pest and disease control

The Egyptian government guarantees any shipment of potatoes to the EU to be free of pest and disease. LEHAA has achieved the required standard of production and pest/disease control and is a government approved exporter of fresh potatoes from Egypt.

  • Transportation: LEHAA transports its potatoes in refrigerated containers from Egypt.
  • Certification: LEHAA has achieved the following certifications: Global Gap ISO 9001 – 2015

Lehaa's Vission

To be a pioneering company to export agricultural products (mainly Potatoes) in international markets.


Lehaa's Mission

To achieve our vision we have for ourselves a set of functions that can be summarized as follows:
1. Improving the quality of the final product to achieve maximum possible productivity per unit area (Tons/Hectare).
2. Achieving lowest possible cost for the production of potatoes by increasing the production rate and continuous improvement of company operation.
3. Increasing the Customer Satisfaction through Quality and reliable products and services.
4. Testing new varieties of potatoes for planting under Egypt conditions.
5. Meeting the requirements of international quality standards (EUREP GAP & HACCP).
6. Achieve maximum benefit from the climate diversity in Egypt to ensure continued production of potatoes throughout the year.
7. Technology transfer and Enhance employee’s competency and loyalty.
8. Opening new export markets and the entry of the current markets in larger quantities and better quality.
9. Enhance our partnership relation with our customers.
10. Play an active role serving the community.

ISO 9001 – 2015


ISO 9001-2008

ISO certificate


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